I’ve been a lifestyle journalist, for the last six years, with a focus on food and wine (hey, you like what you like).

I cut my teeth at Good Taste magazine, one of the most beautifully put-together magazines in the country.

I owe a lot to deputy editor, Shannon Latimer and editor, Colin Collard, who took a chance on me; an inexperienced whippersnapper with big dreams, and they helped to panel-beat my style into what it is today.

My next challenge was working for brands Eat Out and Eat In.

I was the online editor for both as well as a reviewer for the print versions. I went from being a complete print bunny to navigating HTML and other digital hurdles. From there I became the editor for Cape Town Magazine; a purely a digital offering that explores and uncovers lifestyle in Cape Town. These days I’m a freelance writer, editor, digital journalist and social media strategist.

But enough with the CV